Where to Turn


 We have all experienced the struggles of life.  When these struggles carry to our most valuable asset (our home) what are the options...

We have all heard the horror stories of foreclosure and there is not enough time to sell the home.  There is also the glooming cloud of uncertainty with the numerous large companies that claim to "pay cash for you home".

We can offer peace of mind from a small (Colorado Only) company that will treat you as a human being with the "next step in life" as part of our process.

Contact & Meeting


Our meeting will be in person.  we want to find out what your needs are with the property and the next chapter of life.  

We will fully disclose our numbers for purchasing, fixing, and selling your property.  Full transparency rather than the typical burn and turn.

We will conduct a walk though of your home with you and discuss your time frame for moving and your expectations for property.

contact us

Cash Offer


Decision time.  We will give you a written cash offer for the home.  This is from our company (not a conglomerate of nationwide lenders & investors).  A real cash offer with no hidden fees, delays, or changes.

This is a simple "yes" to moving on to the next chapter of life, leaving the stress with us... or perhaps a "no" and a gracious thank you for your time and consideration.